Scholarship Awards Committee

Committee Charge: Make recommendations to the Board regarding selection of people to receive the various Foundation scholarships, in accordance with the Board approved guidelines for each scholarship.

Chintan Shah — Chair
Nam Nguyen, class of 2008
Matt Dunn, class of 2011
Larry Tran, class of 2012
Niki Saqueton, class of 2013
Christian Ngo, class of 2013
Michelle Ito, class of 2017
Mike Trinh, class of 2017

Leadership Development Committee

Committee Charge: Assure the development and execution of a yearlong program of leadership development programs, activities and workshops for Candidates and Actives, as well as programs, activities and workshops that focus on continuously developing the leadership skills of new graduates and professionals in the early stages of their career.

Sandeep “Sonny” BainsChair
Annie Ho, class of 2012
Kristen Ward, class of 2014
Logan Brodnansky, class of 2017
Michelle Ito, class of 2017
Gabrielle Reyes, class of 2017

Actives Leadership Development Subcommittee

Committee Charge: Develop and implement at least 1-2 workshops per year for Candidates and Actives with a goal of a minimum of 8 hours of training in basic leadership skills, and develop a curriculum for training in more advanced leadership skills for Candidates and Actives who have already taken the initial leadership training program.

Logan Brodnansky — Co-chair
Michelle Ito — Co-chair
Gabrielle Reyes — Co-chair

New Practitioners Development Subcommittee

Committee Charge: Develop and implement 1-2 workshops per year for New Practitioners with a goal of a minimum of 8 hours of training in more advanced leadership skills appropriate for new professionals.

Annie Ho — Co-chair
Kristen Ward — Co-chair

Fundraising Committee

Committee Charge: Facilitate fundraising and donor stewardship through oversight and coordination of the following subcommittees, committees and quarterly Newsletter.

An Chun Kwan — Chair
Nam Nguyen — Chair

Stewardship Subcommittee

Committee Charge: Develop and implement a program that quickly acknowledges all donations made to the Foundation, and which then maintains periodic communications with all current and past donors for the purpose of maintaining their interest in and commitment to the Foundation.

Nam NguyenChair
Larry Gorham, class of 1967
Erika Cho Person, class of 2013
Megan Shimada, class of 2015
Mike Trinh, class of 2017

Contributions & Fundraising Subcommittee

Committee Charge: Plan, organize and implement the Super Bowl Raffle Ticket Sales program as a major source of fundraising for the Foundation.

An Chun Kwan — Chair

Finance Committee

Committee Charge:
1. Monitor the Foundation’s quarterly and year-end financial reports, prepare and propose to the Board an annual budget, and provide guidance to the CFO throughout the year.
2. Monitor and optimize the Foundation’s investments in conformance with the most current Investment Policy adopted by the Board, and by working closely with the Community Foundation of San Joaquin.
3. Develop a proposal for income generating ideas programs to be considered by the Board.

Larry Gorham — Chair
Ralph Saroyan, class of 1964
Jon VanBoening, class of 1967
Ed Larimer, class of 1969

Nomination Committee

Committee Charge: Nominate qualified candidates for election to the Board.

Ralph Saroyan — Chair
Annie Ho, class of 2012
Chintan Shah, class of 2013 

Communications Committee

Newsletter Subcommittee

Committee Charge: Plan and implement a publication plan that assures at least quarterly publication of the Newsletter.  The content of the Newsletter should be information and articles that are timely and of interest to alumni and our donors, and that supports the fundraising efforts of the Foundation.

Lanni Lam — Chair

Video Production Subcommittee

Committee Charge: Produce one or more video clips that can be used regularly to promote the Foundation and the good work it is doing by providing scholarships and supporting leader development.

Website Manager

Charge: Assure that the website remains current, attractive and engaging as one of the most important communication vehicles for the Foundation.  The primary target audience for the website is Alpha Psi alumni.  The website is also intended to be a public repository of current and historical information about the Foundation.

Vivian Lee

Special Fundraising Task Force 

Task Force Charge: Develop income development strategies to enhance and support the work of the Fundraising and Stewardship Committee. The task force will concentrate on developing a solicitation strategy focused on business and industry in the pharmacy space.

Jon Van BoeningChair
Jack Schlegel, class of 1967
Ed Larimer, class of 1969

Annual Senior Awards Banquet Task Force

Task Force Charge: Plan and conduct the APES&L Foundation Annual Senior Banquet held close to the time of graduation.  The focus of programming for the Banquet is on the importance of giving back, and to create a sense of obligation/commitment to do this among new graduates, and to encourage people to sign up for pledging monthly contributions to the Foundation.  The committee is also charged with remaining in contact with all graduates to reinforce the theme of the Banquet and to follow through on making contributions in accord with their pledge commitment.

Alpha Psi Foundation

Creating tomorrow’s leaders through annual leader development programs, scholarships and awards.


The Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt public benefit corporation, provides scholarships and leadership development for men and women student pharmacists and new professionals.


The Foundation aspires to be widely recognized for creating and developing tomorrow’s men and women leaders in pharmacy, healthcare, and communities across the nation.


The Foundation embodies the belief that investing in the development of student pharmacists and new professionals is an investment in improving the profession of pharmacy and health of our communities.