Leadership Development Program

Professional Boundaries Webinar, presented on April 25, 2019 at 7pm

Presented by Nam Nguyen, Chintan Shah, and Niki Saqueton, and Hosted by Annie Ho

Are you tired of playing politics? How do you navigate getting along with others while also standing your ground and avoid being a pushover? What do you do if there is [inevitable] workplace drama — how do you stay out of it? Should you be friends with your technicians and does this complicate your supervisor role?

These are situations that we aren’t taught to handle in school. In this discussion-based workshop, we’ll take a dive into navigating these situations. Our goal is to help you set appropriate boundaries at work so that you can focus on what’s most important–taking care of patients! 

Underwritten by The Jack and Priscilla Schlegel Endowed Leadership Development Fund  

Speakers background info:

Chintan Shah (’13)- Pharmacy Clinical Services manager at Walmart, helping to teach/train RPhs around MTM, immunizations, and specialty medications for one of the Central CA markets

Nam Nguyen (’08)- Currently a pharmacy manager for CVS Pharmacy for the past 10 year. I have previous experience as a district pharmacy supervisor in the Central Valley/ Fresno market and participated in the CVS Pharmacy Emerging Leader program for 4 years. I am a graduate of the CPhA Leadership Development Institute Program. Currently I serve on the Board of Directors for the Alpha Psi Foundation and Pacific Pharmacy Alumni Association. 

Niki Saqueton(’13): Full-time night pharmacist at the Naval Medical Center San Diego and full-time adventurer during weeks off from work.  Graduated in 2013 and have learned a lot more out in the real world than I did in school.  You will make mistakes, and you will learn and grow, and it will be worth it.  Keep going!

Webinar recording