The MAX Scholarship

The MAX Scholarship $1,000

The MAX Scholarship was established in 1977 to honor the past chapter advisor Dr. Max Polinsky. The scholarship is presented annually at the Alpha Psi Education, Scholarship, and Leadership Foundation Senior Banquet.

​a. must be a senior
b. must have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 while in the School of Pharmacy
c. must have involvement with the fraternity
d. must have involvement with the community

Past Recipients – Since 1977

1977 Norman Anderson
1978 Rolin Wade
1979 Charles Norconk
1980 Steve Piontec
1981 Walt Cooley
1982 Tony D’Alessandro
1983 Anthony Morreale
1984 No record of Award
1985 Kevin Kong
1986 Derek Eskew
1987 Mike Gosland
1988 Scott Shimamoto
1989 Tim Walsh
1990 Jeff Sherman
1991 John Friesen
1992 Christian Emde
1993 Dale Jackson
1994 Raymond Jajeh
1995 Steve Lancaster
1996 Mark Buckton
1997 Kevin Lux
1998 Phil Brenner
1999 Ernie Vincentini
2000 Angela Post
2001 Deborah Bainbridge
2002 Christopher Hauschild
2003 Steven Huyen
2004 Desiree Fox
2005 Nikki Du
2006 Blake Cunnington
2007 Matthew Van Noort
2008 Patricia Chinn
2009 Nadia Aslam
2010 Benton Lo
2011 Tracy Phan
2012 Frank Sasaki
2013 Vivian Lee
2014 Angela Alfonzo
2015 Alex Van Zuiden
2016 Tina Liu
2017 Gabrielle Reyes
2018 Marianne Encarnacion
2019 Kristen Lau
2020 Joshua Wong
2021 Ritu Malhotra
2022 Kelsey Wong
2023 Kathleen Gani

Alpha Psi Foundation

Creating tomorrow’s leaders through annual leader development programs, scholarships and awards.


The Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt public benefit corporation, provides scholarships and leadership development for student pharmacists and new practitioners.


The Foundation aspires to be widely recognized for creating and developing tomorrow’s leaders in pharmacy, healthcare, and communities across the nation.


The Foundation embodies the belief that investing in the development of student pharmacists and new practitioners is an investment in improving the profession of pharmacy and health of our communities.