The Ivan W. Rowland Memorial Scholarship

The Ivan W. Rowland Memorial Outstanding Senior Scholarship $1,500

This scholarship, given to the outstanding member of the graduating senior class, was established in 1961. The scholarship was renamed in 1999 to honor the memory of our chapter’s founder, adviser, and mentor, Ivan “Cy” Rowland, founding Dean of the University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy and namesake of the Alpha Psi Chapter which was chartered during his Grand Presidency of the Fraternity. The scholarship is presented annually at the Alpha Psi Education, Scholarship, and Leadership Foundation Senior Banquet.


Awarded to the graduating senior for outstanding service to Alpha Psi Chapter during their tenure of membership.


An Alpha Psi senior in good academic standing.

Past Recipients – Since 1961:

1961 Ronald Tom, Robert Gipson
1962 Charles Whittenberg
1963 Garth Treude
1964 Ralph Saroyan
1965 Stephen Bishop
1966 John Short
1967 Lewis Rusty Hewitson
1968 Bob Boragno
1969 Russell Mapes
1970 Armen Gostanian
1971 Greg Matzen
1972 Robert Supernaw
1973 Bruce Moradian, Bob Matzen
1974 Bill Przybyla, Doug Martin
1975 Bob Kiyamoto
1976 Tom Stout
1977 Joe Goins
1978 Gary Ramsey
1979 Dave Wilcox, Dan Conklin
1980 Tom Boragno
1981 Steve Edgar
1982 Jeff Mierczynski
1983 Ben Piazza
1984 Grant Breshears, Ron Cloud
1985 Andrew Magnasco
1986 Gregory Thibault
1987 Tommy Dembski
1988 Dave Elder
1989 Tony Ricci
1990 Charles Sernberger
1991 Richard Kim
1992 Donald Wong
1993 Brian Cole, Ed Svihovec
1994 Todd Boehm
1995 Michael Winton
1996 Randy Orosco
1997 Scott Clinton
1998 John Sullivan
1999 Christian Dolder
2000 Brett Borba
2001 Paul Petersen
2002 Alan Goldberg
2003 Graig Watanabe
2004 Garrett Visser
2005 Seng Taing
2006 Kristy Johnson
2007 John Paul Alacon
2008 Nam Nguyen
2009 Honest Dang
2010 Angela Vu
2011 Nick Van Groningen
2012 Jacob Taylor
2013 Christopher C Won
2014 Matthew D’Anis
2015 Matt Saqueton
2016 Jamie Encarnacion
2017 Michelle Ito
2018 Samantha Chan
2019 Kevin Chan
2020 Morgan Miyake
2021 Taylor Chan
2022 Michelle Nguyen
2023 Bill Zhang

Alpha Psi Foundation

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The Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt public benefit corporation, provides scholarships and leadership development for student pharmacists and new practitioners.


The Foundation aspires to be widely recognized for creating and developing tomorrow’s leaders in pharmacy, healthcare, and communities across the nation.


The Foundation embodies the belief that investing in the development of student pharmacists and new practitioners is an investment in improving the profession of pharmacy and health of our communities.