The E.E. Roscoe Memorial Scholarship

The E.E. Roscoe Memorial Scholarship $1,000

This scholarship, given to a new initiate of the Alpha Psi Chapter was established in 1965. It is presented annually at the Phi Delta Chi Alpha Psi Chapter Recruitment Dinner.


The new initiate with the highest cumulative grade point average (GPA)


The new initiate will have the highest cumulative GPA during the semester of candidacy and the semester immediately following.

Past Recipients – Since 1965

1965 Melvin Page
1966 Roger Sprinkle
1967 Clyde Hinsz
1968 Rich Mazzoni
1969 Carl Gross
1970 Bob Matzen
1971 Chuck Weber
1972 Neil Okamoto
1973 Mark Kaplan
1974 Tim Breaux
1975 Greg Alston
1976 Steve Nance
1977 Joe Tate
1978 Bob Nickel
1979 Pat Renfro
1980 Mike Simas
1981 Jeff Binkley
1982 Greg Thibault
1983 Don Metzger
1984 Mike Gosland
1985 Lars Duren
1986 David Elder, Tim Walsh
1987 Frank Davison
1988 John Friesen
1989 Sammy Rodriguez
1990 Raymond Jajeh
1991 Todd Lawrence
1992 Richard Jajeh
1993 Steven Lancaster
1994 Frank Scorpiniti
1995 Philip Brenner
1996 No record of Award
1997 No record of Award
1998 Timm Prokop
1999 Kindra White
2000 Graig Watanabe
2001 Christopher Hauschild
2002 Steve Huynh
2003 Khoa Nguyen
2004 Tou Bee Thao
2005 Nam Nguyen
2006 Nadia Aslam
2007 Michelle Nunes
2008 Christopher Chu
2009 David Yup
2010 Jonathan Schmidt
2011 Julia Chen
2012 Krystal Tai
2013 Dilraj Sohal
2014 Sonja Chavez
2015 Dan Ho
2016 Connie Chong-Lau
2017 Joshua Wong
2018 Kelsey Wong
2019 Don Pham
2020 Vincent Lu
2021 Jade Bautista
2022 Steve Parathathu
2023 Logan Sam

Alpha Psi Foundation

Creating tomorrow’s leaders through annual leader development programs, scholarships and awards.


The Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt public benefit corporation, provides scholarships and leadership development for student pharmacists and new practitioners.


The Foundation aspires to be widely recognized for creating and developing tomorrow’s leaders in pharmacy, healthcare, and communities across the nation.


The Foundation embodies the belief that investing in the development of student pharmacists and new practitioners is an investment in improving the profession of pharmacy and health of our communities.