When asked, “Why did you donate to the APES&L Foundation?,” these are the responses we received.

“I did not stay in Pharmacy- I chose a different career. However, the frat and Ralph Saroyan in particular, were an important part of my life. How could somebody NOT be supportive of the foundation- even if it is only $10 per month.”

Dan Flores, 1979

“The Foundation helped me fund my trip to LDS  (Leader Development Seminar), so I want to help pay it forward. I want a brother to have the same opportunity to travel, learn and grow as I did!”

Nathan Wong, 2014

“The frat has given me some of the best years of  my life- it’s the least I could do.”

Cynric Cho, 2012

“I wanted to give back to the fraternity. It has been one of my pillars to success. It has also provided me with lifelong friendships with brothers that I will never forget. Lastly, I wanted to help the active brothers to succeed.”

An-Chun Kwan, 2009

“I got a lot of help as an active and felt like anything I could do to return the favor would be the least I could do. I don’t often get the opportunity to return to Stockton to show my support in person. Scholarships are a great boost to one’s self esteem to make it through the rough times pharmacy school has to offer. Hopefully, my contributions can provide future actives with necessary motivation (and cash money) to get by.”

            Honest Dang, 2009

Vivian Lee, 2013 MAX Award Winner on Giving Back 

When asked about the MAX scholarship, Vivian really appreciated that her fellow brothers recognized her efforts in supporting both the community and the chapter. She continues to support the Alpha Psi chapter by precepting actives at local community health fairs as they do blood pressure and glucose screenings.  Vivian wanted to be part of the Foundation and she found her place by joining the Foundation’s Annual Senior Banquet committee. As the third years graduate this May, she can stress the importance of giving back after they leave Pacific. Vivian is a great example about how a small bit of your time can make a difference. Currently a member of the board.

Excerpts’ from Daniel Salas Thank You letter, winner of the 2012 Gerald A Miller Award

“Over the past year I have had the opportunity to serve as the WVC of Alpha Psi. It has been a very rewarding experience that has helped me develop in ways simply not afforded by the standard pharmacy school curriculum. As a pre-pharmacy student during my undergraduate years at Pacific, my primary focus was always academics. Slowly I began to realize that grades weren’t everything. I found that developing relationships with others, and getting involved in leadership were just as important. PDC has given me the opportunity to do both, and to grow into a well-rounded student. I would like to sincerely thank the APESLF and the Board of Directors as well as all of the generous alumni donors. It is truly a blessing to be part of such a supportive organization.”

From 2022 Gerald A. Miller Memorial Scholarship recipient Bill Zhang

Alpha Psi Foundation

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