The Rick Friedmann Memorial Scholarship

The Rick Friedmann Memorial Senior Achievement Scholarship $1,000

This scholarship, given to a graduating senior, was established in 1959. It was renamed in 2000 to honor the memory of Alumni Brother Rick Friedmann for his outstanding contributions to the Alumni Association. The scholarship is presented annually at the Alpha Psi Education, Scholarship, and Leadership Foundation Senior Banquet.

a. High scholastic ability
b. Involvement with the fraternity
c. Involvement with the School of Pharmacy
d. Membership and involvement within other pharmacy organizations
e. Any other involvement which may be pertinent

Past Recipients – Since 1959

1959 George Silva
1960 Kenneth Zentner
1961 Herbert Low
1962 Leonard Terra, Alan Combs
1963 Bill Soares
1964 Dale Boothby, Arden Pratt
1965 Richard Babin
1966 Richard Alexander
1967 Gordon Takemoto
1968 Mike Pirozzoli
1969 Bill Collins
1970 Patrick Burch
1971 Dexter Mar
1972 Randy Brannon
1973 Dave Tashjian, Bob Matzen
1974 Mark Rotman
1975 Jim Santa
1976 Rick DeCarlo
1977 Mark Hoffstetter
1978 Rolin Wade
1979 Joe Tate
1980 Clyde Miyagawa
1981 Rick Friedmann
1982 Mike Walsh
1983 Robert Barsamian
1984 Ken James
1985 Jeff Binkley
1986 Robert Garlick
1987 Vincent Payne
1988 Alden Smith
1989 Lars Duren
1990 Harry LeSeur, Brian Rozema
1991 J.R. Stasinis
1992 Duane Griffin
1993 Kevin Box
1994 Marcus Ravnan
1995 Tim Perlick
1996 Scott Camoirano, David Trinh
1997 Todd Reames
1998 Jarod Cook
1999 James Miles
2000 Scott Wallace
2001 Barbara Choi
2002 Yaofay Lin
2003 Brent Guillee
2004 Kristine Loo
2005 Seng Taing
2006 Tou Bee Thao
2007 Tracy Magistrado
2008 Melissa Lew
2009 Joy Pimentel
2010 William Jacob Mello
2011 Tiffany Yee
2012 Michael Conner
2013 Tina H Tran
2014 Tien Tran
2015 Megan Shimada
2016 Joseph Kim
2017 Claire Kim
2018 Jamie Legaspi
2019 Mitchell Kozono
2020 Clark Ma
2021 Sandra Le
2022 Irene Chia
2023 Klara Kim

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